Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm Not Dead

Hey guys
It's been what, 15 years since I last posted something on here. Ja, I kinda suck for that one. But in my defence, this year has been so crazy that I've put this on hold. It's bad, and I think I actually said something about neglecting things in one of my (very much) earlier posts.

Well, this is just to say that I'm still alive and I am still kicking and I am still thinking.

I actually have written a new post, but not for this blog. I recently was asked to contribute an article for a Facebook friend's blog. So if you check out you may or may not find something there.

I do have something in mind to write about for my next post. People have been amazing and have checked this cranky ass blog out and inspired me to write again. So just keep your eyes open and don't forget about this blog (as I have), and your diligence and patience will be rewarded. :)

Andrei Damane